Best Solutions for Crew Accommodation


Rail companies, airlines, airports, operating and companies and carriers can all benefit from Xenia's consolidated experience in the hotel accommodation field. The collaboration allows advantages in terms of economies of scale, purchasing expertise, market insight, data collection and market intelligence on the top of which customer oriented staff ensures the clients always receive the maximum value. The service comprises a worldwide hotel scouting, the negotiation and drafting of contracts and the operational management, resulting in a full client support.

The key point of service are:

  • Worldwide accommodation selection and inspections
  • Bespoke directories, with hotel chains and individual properties
  • Personalized rates and pricing models
  • Benchmark data and expense management dashboard and solution
  • Utmost reporting tools
  • Technology systems which can interface any third-party platform
  • Prompt and effective responses to any request -from urgent enquiries to long term contracts- worldwide
  • A great capacity to block large banks of rooms for scheduled crews and individual bookings for crew member, business travel, distressed crews and delayed passenger handling.